What Types of Hair Products do UK Salons Use?

There are thousands of hair salons in the UK and although they might all be different in name, the majority will typically offer similar services. When it comes to hair care treatments, there are some names that are known world-wide, and others that are a little more exclusive to particular countries. The United Kingdom has award winning salons in London, Manchester and Birmingham to name just a few regions – and although their hair stylists might be different, they all rely on a similar range of products.

What are the most common hair products in British hair care salons?

There are some little known brands that are exclusive to London and they are usually manufactured by companies that are based in the country itself. Others are a little more well-known and they include:

– Schwarzkopf; a very reputable German brand with a great reputation within the hair care niche. They are considered one of the more affordable big companies, but many consider them to be more expensive than other brands (such as those mentioned below).

– TRESemme; a brand that claim to have originated in hair care salons throughout the United Kingdom, particularly within London. The French company first started offering their services as an effective and affordable alternative to other branded products and these days, thousands of hair stylists trust the products more than any other.

– Garnier; another brand of French origin, Garnier are one of the most well-known beauty product manufacturers in the world. When it comes to their hair products, they are considered one of the best brands in the business.

– L’Oreal; the French seem to cater to the majority of hair care products in Europe, let alone the wider world, and this can also be said for L’Oreal. The UK receive the majority of their imports from their neighbouring countries and France is one of them, which might explain why so many of their branded products can be seen within English hair treatment salons.